Extend your mat's lives

Contrary to the common harsh and destructive high-pressure systems, the M3’s low-pressure cleaning process gently removes dirt and materials which doesn’t lead to damage, rot or premature downgrading of the mats.

Clean twice as many mats

The M3 cleans two mats at a time, allowing it to spend more time on each mat. No need to run mats through a second time. The M3 can clean and sanitize 2–4 times more mats than rival systems – up to 8,800 mats per month.

Save on transport

The M3 can be setup in a staging area to wash your mats on site before their next trip. This allows you to haul more mats per load, avoids damage caused by falling debris and enables you to send the mats directly to the next site.

Enhance your sustainability

To further minimize the environmental impact, M3 units offer the option to be integrated with various power sources including highline power and most available renewable energy power supply systems.

See it in action!

Checkout this video showcasing MAC's Mobile Automated Mat Washing Unit in action!

Watch as the washer processes multiple rig mats simultaneously in record time.

Washed with common high pressure jet system.
Cleaned and sanitized with the M3 low pressure system.


Whether you own or rent access mats, preserving their integrity is key to lowering your operational costs. As an owner, you want to extend the life of your assets. As a renter, you want to avoid downgrading costs.

Regular mat cleaning systems use high pressure jets to blast the mat surface, which tears and shreds the wood fibers. This in turn drives moisture deep into the core of the mat, dramatically increasing the wood’s moisture content and promoting rot.

The M3’s low-pressure cleaning system gently removes materials and doesn’t lead to damage, rot or premature downgrading of the asset.

+ Low Pressure

‍Gently removes dirt and materials without causing damage or promoting rot.

+ Six-Sided Cleaning

The M3 will clean and sanitize every visible inch of every mat.

+ Dual Mat Washing

Processes two mats at once with more time spent on each mat.

+ Onsite Staging

Stage the M3 onsite for reduced logistics and maximum efficiency.

+ Fully Enclosed

All water is reused and recycled. Wash water and solids are stored in tanks.

+ Power Agnostic

The M3 works with various power sources, including renewable energy systems.

About Mac Environmental

We are the industry’s next disruptive environmental technology.

Espousing the three pillars of sustainability as our original inspiration, we are leading the paradigm shift from high cost, low volume mat cleaning solutions.

With integrity and ethicality at the core of our corporate culture, the success of our organization is simply a natural byproduct of our values.

When you partner with MAC Environmental, you’re enhancing your supply chain's ESG commitments by engaging a team of problem solvers and innovators dedicated to taking action now for a sustainable future together.

Team Members

Melanie Hawrysh
Daniel Pagé
Operations Manager
Jason Savage
Business Development
Curt Wildman
Lead operator
Picture of a teepee overlaid with the three pillars of sustainability: Social, Economic and Environment.
Picture of MAC Environmental's founder Melanie Hawrysh wearing traditional cree headdress.


MAC Environmental is majority-owned by Melanie Hawrysh (née Castor), a female aboriginal entrepreneur from Saddle Lake Cree Nation, who’s been in the energy business since 2005. She bought her first semi truck at 21 years old.

Melanie was raised in Lac La Biche and St Paul, near her home reserve. Both her parents speak fluent Cree and kept both the language and indigenous traditions alive during her upbringing.

MAC Environmental is a registered company with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Member Logo

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